a simple and safe way to collect and send samples for PCR testing!

FTA_card IVD GmbH

FTA_card IVD GmbH

What are FTA® cards?
FTA®cards were developed for removal, transport and storage and for the isolation of nucleic acids at room temperature and for the subsequent PCR analysis. (Carl Roth ip 07/2021).

They concist of chemically coated filter paper which lyses the cell membranes and denatures proteins.
Bacteria and viruses are inactivated, the DNA and RNA contained are immobilized and protected against decay (f.e. by UV rays, microbial or mycotic contamination).

What use have FTA® cards?
In principle, almost any type of biological material can be applied to FTA® cards, and subsequently examined by molecularbiological analysis like e.g. PCR, for example blood samples (also with anticoagulant additives), oral fluids, organ samples, swabs, bacterial and virological culture.
In our own comparitive testings we were able to verify that FTA® cards are suitable fort he PCRs we carry out.

Advantages of FTA®cards

  • The sample can be applied freshly and is preserved before decomposition prozesses (saliva, feces) set in.
  • Further handling, storage and shipping are possible after drying without cooling.

Disadvantages of FTA®cards

  • Since bacteria and viruses are inactivated, cultivation is not possible from FTA® cards!
  • Less sample material is available, so only a limited number of examinations are possible and
  • depending on the material applied and on the test, the sensitivity is lower compared tot he original material.


How are FTA®cards used?
They are easy to use.  The sample material is simply applied on the marked spots and air-dried at room temperature. The cards are then stored in a closed plastic bags or envelope in a cool, dry place. For samples for RNA analysis (e.g. PRRSV, influenza viruses), storage at -20 ° C is recommended.

How are FTA® cards send?
Since infectious pathogens are inactivated, they can be send without any special permission or import permit by regular mail and without refrigeration.
Therefore FTA® cards are particularly suitable for international sample dispatch.

You can get more information on the use of FTA® cards on request. 

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