Dysentery in pigs

Brachyspira suanatina detection in Poland as well

Brachyspira suanatina has now also been detected for the first time in Poland in 7 of 9 farms examined. In addition to B. hyodysenteriae and hampsonii, B. suanatina is the causative agent of swine dysentery. This must be taken into account when diagnosing samples.

IVD GmbH participated in the recently published study on B. suanatina:
Cybulski, Piotr, Strutzberg-Minder, Katrin, Michalik, Edyta, Kondratiuk, Rados?aw and Jablonski, Artur. "First molecular detection of Brachyspira suanatina on pig farms in Poland" Journal of Veterinary Research, vol.0, no.0, 3923, pp.-.

Status 7_2023